29 May 2024(WED)




The project "We Walk With You" is funded by Community Investment and Inclusion Fund"(CIIF).  The project is funded by Community Investment and Inclusion Fund and is planned to be implemented in Tsing Yi Estate and Lai Yiu Estate from March 2019 to March 2023 , through the concept of service exchange, advocating the establishment of a community escort network that helps people and self-help to support elderly singletons and doubletons in need in the district; at the same time, it plans to explore and promote different sectors in the region, transform strength into social capital, and participate in voluntary work , to build a friendly community for the elderly at home. Program content: "Ambassador" Training Course Comprehensive elderly care training, from basic health knowledge, self-management, and caring for others, to enhance your "advantage life". Assist in the implementation of "Time Banking" The center provides practical training and assists in the implementation of related services: Bank management District visit real library Promotion Buddy Good Neighbor Support Service community information sharing Service feedback "Escort Silver Network" Platform Invite different sectors of Kwai Tsing District (public organisations, private organisations, community organisations, businesses, etc.) to jointly support families and people in need in the district. Become an "escort ambassador"- Living in Kwai Tsing District Retirees, seniors or women enthusiastic residents who are willing to go from self-help to helping others Pass the interview and become an escort ambassador Become a "Partner" Merchants, NGOs, schools, churches and public agencies in Kwai Tsing District Please contact the project social worker for enquiry and registration. 

Lai Yiu Neighbourhood Elderly Centre Tel: 2744 9308

Unit 102-106, G/F., Lok Yiu House, Lai Yiu Estate, Kwai Chung, New Territories

Tsing Yi Neighbourhood Elderly Centre Tel: 2433 6414

Wing B, G/F, Yi Wai House, Tsing Yi Estate