29 May 2023(MON)

Pilot Scheme on Community Care Service Voucher for the Elderly (CCSV)

The Social Welfare Department (SWD) launched the Third Phase of the Pilot Scheme on Community Care Service Voucher for the Elderly in October 2020.  Adopting a new funding mode, namely the 'money-following-the-user' approach, eligible elderly persons may choose community care services (CCS) that suit their individual needs with the use of Community Care Service Voucher for the Elderly (Community Voucher).  The Third Phase of the Pilot Scheme has been launched on October 2020 for a period of thres years, serving 18 districts of the territory.

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Eligible participants are elderly persons who have been assessed by SWD’s Standardised Care Need Assessment Mechanism for Elderly Services to have impairment at moderate or severe level and are waitlisting for subsidised CCS and/or residential care services (RCS) on the Central Waiting List (CWL) for Subsidised Long Term Care (LTC) Services without any kind of RCS or subsidised CCS being received.

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How to Apply

SWD will send invitation letters direct to eligible elderly persons on the CWL to invite them to join the Third Phase of the Pilot Scheme.  While the eligible elderly persons receive the invitation letter, they may make application direct. 


Service Options
Center-based or home-based services

1. Center-based - provides day care service

Health care and rehabilitation services
 Personal care and rehabilitation exercise
 Personal Health Planning Assessment
 Nursing care
 Reality-oriented and remissive treatment group

 Rehabilitation exercise and treatment (memory / cognitive training, interest and psychological social activities)
 Household assessment and improvement recommendations

Meals, social and recreational services
 Provide breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea; and provide special meals to those in need
 Art and music therapy
 Social training
 Home life skills training
 Caregiver support

Pick up service
 Shuttle to and from the center

2. Home-based - provide home care and support services
 Rehabilitation exercise
 Care services
 Home services
 Escort service
 Day time home care
 Home training for caregivers

3. The Center service characteristics
 Square-stepping exercise for fall prevention 
 Doctor visits every month
 Groups for caregivers
 Rich experience in providing cognitive training
 Peer support group


Enquiry and Application 

Yee Tsuen Integrated Health Service Centre (Tsuen Wan) 2408 2662

Yee Lok Integrated Health Service Centre (Kwai Chung) 2743 5626

Yee Chi Home-Based Cognitive Training And Day Care Centre (Kwai Chung) 2743 5008

Yee Wui Integrated Health Service Centre (Mongkok) 2390 6574

Jordan Elderly Centre 2377 3230