29 May 2024(WED)

Healthy RCHs- Visiting Medical Practitioner Service


In October 2018, the Social Welfare Department launched the "Visiting Medical Practitioner Service" to provide free of charge medical service for residents of private and self-financing residential care homes for the elderly and the disabilities through Baptist Oi Kwan Social Service in Wan Chai, Hong Kong East and New Territories East Districts. 

Service Philosophy


Residential Care Home Residents: care for the health of the residents, and provide medical services

Residential Care Home Staff: care for residential care home staff, provide professional training and hotline support

Residential Care Home Operators: Focus on the needs of operators, provide up-to-date information and relevant training materials

Service Targets

All residents of private and self-financing residential care homes for the elderly and disabilities in the serving districts.

Service Content
• Regular visiting medical practitioner service for seasonal influenza and other episodic illnesses
• One-stop drug prescription and drug delivery
• Professional nurse telephone consultation
• Health talks and staff training


Service Hotline: 2729 8111


Nurse counseling hotline:

 (Hong Kong Island East) 2729 8155 / 5211 7345

 (New Territories East) 2729 8155 / 9265 4375


Fax number: 2729 8226

Email address: (Hong Kong Island East): hke.vmps@bokss.org.hk

Email address: (New Territories East): nte.vmps@bokss.org.hk
Address: Visiting Medical Practitioner Service Officer at 2/F, 36 Oi Kwan Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong